My name is Geoff Turman, and I make robots.

See my news page for tutorials, essays, and updates on my current projects.

Robot Updates

PB99 Multi-platform Interface

  • Desktop application (in development)
  • Android Mobile application (in development)
  • Web interface (in development)

PB99 Gets Some New Eyes

  • Kinect installation (in development)
  • Gyroscope / accelerometer installation (in development)


This website was born from this one, which was originally created to fulfill a class requirement. From that class came PartyBot-99, a mobile autonomous robot which could recognize and communicate its opinion on different types of beer. Since then, I’ve had a passion for creating robots and I realized that building things like PB99 offer a great platform to showcase and motivate my talents in computer engineering. This website is an aid to this platform, and hopefully PB99 is the first of many robots of which will be showcased on this website.

For fun, here is a baby picture of PB99:


For more fun, here is what I first wrote on the home page for this website. I’m keeping it here to remind myself of my ambitions:


I don’t really know what this website is going to be about.

One thing that I do know is that I will document the creation of my robot, PB99, here through blog posts and other content. Improvements to Partybot include the addition of a Kinect, an accelerometer/gyroscope, new motors and encoders to help facilitate Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM), an advanced robotics problem. PB is also due a structural redesign, which I plan to implement with 3D printed parts and PCBs, designed in SolidWorks and Altium respectively. Finally, a crowning feature that I want completed is a vision processing algorithm capable of making decisions in real time, specifically to play Street Fighter V on the PS4. This requires getting camera video data, processing it on the central PartyCPU, and outputting commands to a PS4 controller PCB.

Other content I may post: opinion essays on technology, philosophy, or politics, tutorial videos, demonstration videos, digital art? Who knows