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A New Hope

I graduated! I officially have completed the coursework required to be honored a degree in computer engineering, a Bachelor of Science. The University of Florida, after putting me through its curriculum, has determined and certified that I have “core competency and unique value of integrated knowledge in both computer software and hardware, providing a balance among computer systems, hardware and software as well as theory and applications.”

This is pretty neat.

I made Mom and Dad proud – myself too.  I can confidently assert that I know a whole lot when it comes to computers, from hardware to software, from theory to design. Soon I will look upon the $47,000 piece of paper that I know as my degree, and with it comes 5 years of memories and a cascade of emotions that range from joy to anxiety, hope to depression, laughable ease to crushing difficulty, lost opportunity to unbelievable experiences. I certainly left pieces of myself behind pursuing that piece of paper. I hope the new pieces I’ve found will continue to fit comfortably, and serve me in this new real world.

Moving forward, I revived my interest in this site and its mission, giving it a new look with a custom banner (my photoshop skills are as sharp as ever) as well as a reformatted home page. I imagine the home page look will be updated quite a bit, because I currently don’t have a lot of content to fill it with. I’m excited to look forward to what this website will become.

PB is getting a software interface! I want to be able to access the data PB uses to do its things multiple ways – on a PC, on a phone, and on a browser. PB is also due some new sensors – a Kinect and an accelerometer/gyroscope. Also in the pipeline: encoders, new wheel mounts. Further down: 3D printed chassis, PCBs!

Here are cute illustrations of PB doing things:

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